A balanced life…

A balanced life 

What is mean by that?
Is balance life is a life that only be occupied with your work/study and your personal life only?
If that is your perception, then your life is just a typical life.

A balanced life is not only about work,study,hang out with friends and etc.you need more than that.you not a robot that run through a same routine everyday.you are a living thing that equipped with lot of abilities.

In order to create a balanced life, you need to know what is your purpose of life.you live for something or live for nothing.

In Islam,we believe that the main purpose of human to be created in this world is to worshiping to Allah The Almighty.He is the one who creates us and all that we can see and what we can feel.so we don’t have any reason to not worshiping Him because He holds everything in this world and galaxy and infinity.

So,you should include the ‘ibadah’ in your daily schedule in order to create a balanced life.start from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until the moment you close your eyes at night.

These are ‘solat’ that you need to complete everyday without any excuses.except for those who can’t complete it because of certain circumstance.these are our chances to have a personal time with Allah The Almighty.awesome right.

Islam is not only about ‘solat’.it is about the way of life.Islam teaches us everything.from the simplest thing like wearing a shoes until the biggest thing like choosing a prime minister for the country.

so don’t we see that we have a complete,perfect guide for us.we always wondering and finding what is the best book,the best people,that write the guide to have a better life but we forget to see what Islam has teach us,what Allah has say in the Al-Quran.these are something that we can’t miss out.we need to take these as our perfect guide before we are invited back to see Him.

The choice is now in your hand.wether you want to take it or not.


-memoir in the rain.


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